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Upcoming Events

CBD Oil 101
What is CBD oil?  How does it work? Get your questions answered plus learn about the health benefits of CBD oil and how it can help with anxiety, sleep, inflammation, immune system, headache pain, etc. For attending the class you will receive a bottle of CBD oil.

Saturday, March 21st 10:00am-11:30am
At Explore Chiropractic
Register online:
Class Fee:  $40.00

New!  Fasting 101
Have you ever thought of doing a fast or have you ever done one in the past, if so, this class is for you.  You will learn the benefits of fasting, and how to do your first fast.

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Ketogenic Diet Workshop
Learn how you can lose weight fast, decrease inflammation, increase energy, and stabilize your mood with a ketogenic diet.

Saturday, February 8th 10:00am-11:30am
At Explore Chiropractic
Register online:  
Class Fee:  $20.00

Learn the Skill of Sleeping
Do you have a difficult time falling asleep or trouble getting back to sleep after waking up?  Are you tired of being tired?  Find out the answer to these questions and more.
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Lifestyle Disease, Prevention and The Secret Killer
Learn what the secret killer is that is causing many of the most serious conditions today.  What simple nutrients are most Americans missing that is destroying their health?  What are the 6 causes of silent inflammation?   Preventing heart disease and cancer.
Learn the answer to these questions and more.​
​Call 218-333-8811 to learn more.

Spinal Hygiene Workshop: 
How to Improve Your Posture in 3 Minutes per Day
This workshop is a hands on class where you will learn a three minute series of twelve exercises to improve your flexibility and posture.

Bring an exercise/stability ball.​

Call 218-333-8811 to learn more.
How to Raise Healthy Kids
Learn how to raise healthy kids in this day and age. We are more advanced in many ways but kids are sicker than ever.  What can we do as parents to help our children live a healthy, happy life?  Dr. Headlee will give you strategies to use on a daily and weekly basis to keep kids healthy, happy and strong instead of sick with a chronic health issue.

Call 218-333-8811 to learn more.
Digital Dementia
How much time do you spend on a digital screen?  Do you realize that the cognitive functions of our brain suffer by overusing technology?  Learn what symptoms to recognize and tips to reduce the negative effects of technology induced digital dementia.

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