To Be Rid of Your Complaints for Good... 

Stop Fighting Only the Symptoms.


The pain level has dramatically decreased due to the correction of my atlas subluxation.  I am ever so grateful.  I can get thru the day without wearing a neck brace.  I am also sleeping so much better and able to do more everyday activities.

Sheri S.

​I came in to see Dr. Headlee because of headaches, sore back and my knees ached.  After being adjusted by Dr. Headlee I don't have any more headaches, I am able to enjoy working without aches and pain and my energy has increased.
Dennis K.
I had lower left back pain before seeing Dr. Headlee.  After being adjusted I am feeling 100% better, plus way more energy!
Heidi N.
I began care because of sciatica and pain in my left shoulder.  The results that I have experienced with chiropractic care have been marvelous.  Sciatica is almost gone, only flairs up rarely after only 3 treatments.  I can run!! I haven't run full out since I was in my 20's and it feels so good to be able just to sprint full speed.  That has been amazing.  I do feel better and feel younger.  I have more energy and I am more motivated to take good care of myself.  It is invigorating to talk to Michael and get his ideas on health and wellness.  He is a knowledgeable person, and also such a genuinely sincere person.  I am most grateful for his work with me.  

Rebecca M.
I had neck pain when I began care.  After care I can now turn my head.  I feel so much better with minimal neck and arm pain.  I am also sleeping better and I have better energy.
Sandy K.
Before seeing Dr. Headlee I had right shoulder pain.  With Dr. Headlee's particular care, my pain has been greatly reduced.  I am now able to sleep on my right side and I feel much, much better. 
Diane A.
I started seeing Dr. Headlee because of my balance, breathing, sore left shoulder and crooked hips.   After chiropractic care I am breathing better, my hips are straight, I don't limp and I don't need orthodics anymore. I am able to walk further without limping and breathe without wheezing.
Evelyn S.
I have pain in my lower back and under my shoulder blades.  After having chiropractic care from Dr. Headlee my body feels more relaxed and my pain is gone.  I sleep better and I have more energy.
Michael E.
I feel that since Doc changed my neck from a giraffe to a banana shape-I do not stop breathing while sleeping on my back.
Carol W.
I have had mid back pain and I have seen a medical doctor without any relief.  After seeing Dr. Headlee my pain has reduced and I have better sleep quality.  Approaching overall wellness is a much better approach then treating symptoms.
Bill S.
I came in to see Dr. Headlee because of a pinched sciatic nerve in my left butt/leg area.  I didn't feel the pinched nerve after my first adjustment and I was finally able to sleep at night.  I slowly started to feel "normal" again.  Doing stretches daily.  I am now able to sleep through the night, sit at a table without getting up and having to walk around.
Gena T .
I was having severe arm numbness and loss of circulation down both arms, headaches and left hip pain.  Within two visits my left hip pain is completely gone and no reoccurrence.  The arm numbness is drastically reduced from 5 days to maybe once weekly and my headaches are also reduced.  I am able to reach over my shoulder with my left arm and left my leg while dressing without pain.
Catherine K.
I began care due to headaches.  After seeing Dr. Headlee my headaches are almost gone and I am not taking ibuprofen every day.  I am also sleeping better.
Jill H.
Sciatic pain was my main issue.  I also had chronic low back pain.  I tried physical therapy, other chiropractic care and massage.  After having adjustments from Dr. Headlee my sciatic pain is gone and my low back doesn't hurt.  I can drive and sit comfortably.  I can walk or jog without sciatic pain shooting down my leg.  I can also lay on my stomach, which I couldn't do before.
Tanya S.
I was having mid-lower back pain.  After having chiropractic care I sleep better, I am not cold all the time and I have back and neck pain relief.  I also have more energy and my digestion has improved.  I couldn't snowboard at the level that I am at without chiropractic care.
Dan S.
I was having constant neck and upper back pain and after being adjusted by Dr. Headlee I had almost immediate relief and better posture.  Chiropractic has improved my quality of life dramatically.  I drive a lot for work and I would be in so much pain after each trip.  I recently took a trip to southern WI and back without any pain.  I have also gotten relief from chronic sinus issues with chiropractic care.
Megan A.
I came to see Dr. Headlee because of intense back pain.  I had never felt improvements with chiropractic care until I came here.  I am able to move without pain.  Not being in pain is amazing.  I have more energy, I sleep better and I have a happy outlook.  
Brandon G.
I started to see Dr. Headlee because of pain in my left hip.  After receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Headlee the pain went away and I am able to move better.  I also have increased energy.
Joel H.
I was having lower back, neck and left shoulder pain.  My neck pain is gone, my shoulder pain is less and I don't have any lower back pain after seeing Dr. Headlee for chiropractic care.  I am able to twist and bend without pain, my sleeping is also better.
Bob K.
I have used other forms of chiropractic care and medication for my headaches and I only received short term relief.  After seeing Dr. Headlee I have gotten long term relief and I am able to read a book without getting a headache.
Elizabeth J.
My neck was out of place and I didn't have any energy before seeing Dr. Headlee.  After receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Headlee I have more range of motion all over and I am more active.  I am breathing better, I have increased energy, I can hold my head up straight, and my posture is better.  I have also increased the water that I drink and I understand the importance of it.
Monica G.
I came in to see Dr. Headlee because of neck and shoulder pain and lots of headaches.  Dr. Headlee has really helped alleviate my headaches.  I also sleep better and can accomplish more because of the easing of my headaches.
Dianne M. 
I had neck and back pain before I came in to see Dr. Headlee.  After care from Dr. Headlee I have a lot less pain and relief from some nerve pain.  I am more mobile now and I have longer periods of pain relief.  I also have better digestion, less sinus symptoms and less pain.
Teri N .