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Nerve Root Impingement Treatments
Nerve root impingement is due to intervertebral foramen occlusion. Foraminal stenosis causes the roots of the spinal nerve within the spine to become pinched as they exit the spine, resulting in a variety of symptoms. Foraminal stenosis is commonly caused by a condition such as herniated discs due to an injury or bone spurs. Symptoms of nerve root impingement include shooting or localized pain, numbness, tingling, weakness in arms or legs, and altered sensation due to nerve irritation.

This type of conditions is what chiropractic has success with most often. The chiropractic adjustment allows the spinal bones to position themselves correctly so there is no pressure or irritation on an exiting nerve, which travels to the muscles and organs and produces pain, muscle tension or internal organ dysfunction.

With gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments, the body is able to correct the spine on its own so it holds in place and lasts, so long as there are no intense exacerbations. This is the most effective method for taking care of this condition and naturally and quickly reducing the symptoms the nerve impingement is producing.