What To Expect

During Your Visit


Your First Visit

During your fist visit to our office you will need to complete a patient history form. If you would like to have the patient history form completed when you arrive, click and download the form on the bottom of this page. Please present any insurance information when you arrive at the office, so the staff can verify your insurance benefits. Payment is due at the time of service.

After the paperwork is complete, Dr. Headlee will conduct a thorough examination and take x-rays if needed. After your consultation with, he will ask you to schedule another appointment. The second visit is called, the report of findings. 


Your Second Visit

At your second visit Dr. Headlee will review your x-rays and exam findings with you. He will let you know if chiropractic can help increase your health. Dr. Headlee will suggest a care plan to correct your subuxations.

You will have your first adjustment during this appointment. Future appointments will be scheduled after your visit.


Regular Visits

Regular visits require 15-30 minutes. When you arrive at the office you will initial your paperwork, your posture will be checked and you will proceed to the wobble chair for some warm up exercises. A chiropractic assistant will direct you to a room and have you lay face down to relax before Dr. Headlee adjusts you. After your adjustment Dr. Headlee will have you rest for a few minutes before checking out at the front desk. 


Download Forms:

Adult Health Record   Child Health Record


Dr. Headlee may take x-rays on your first visit to our office. The x-rays provide a structural record of your spine, locate fractures or other sign of trauma, identify evidence of long term spinal degeneration and confirm other examination findings. He also uses the images to adjust your spine specifically, which will help speed up your healing time.