Explore Chiropractic has provided wellness and chiropractic services to women, men and children for the past four years.
The staff has hands, hearts, and experience that some would say work miracles.


“It has improved my quality of life dramatically. I drive a lot for work and would be in so much pain after each trip. I recently took a trip to Southern Wisconsin and back without any pain!!” – Megan A. 
“Not being in pain is amazing. More energy, more happy outlook.” – Brandon G.
“I am not in pain all the time. I can sleep on my right side. I feel much, much better.” – Dianne A.
“I can read a book without getting a headache.” – E. Jansen
“I feel that since Doc changed my neck from a giraffe to a banana shape- I do not stop breathing while sleeping on my back.” – Carol W.
“I can now sleep all through the night. Sit at a table without getting up in pain and having to walk around.” – Gena T.
“I do feel better and feel younger. I have more energy and I am more motivated to take good care of myself. It is invigorating to talk to Michael and get his ideas on health and wellness. He is a knowledgeable person, as also such a genuinely sincere person. I am most grateful for his work with me.” – Rebecca M.
“Dr. Mike is not satisfied with simple adjustments but teaches his patients about overall health care. I have learned more from Dr. Mike in a short time than I have ever learned in a lifetime of seeing physicians. I will continue to go to Explore Chiropractic and pursue the benefits of Dr. Mike’s skills as a great Chiropractor.” – Cheryl W.